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Diane Gray - Educational Consultant Diane believes passionately in primary education and during 20 years in primary teaching and headship she continually placed learning, achievement and pupil well being at the centre of her leadership. Following headship, Diane was promoted to Birmingham Local Authority as  "Link" Adviser, supporting schools in the processes for strategic change.  In addition to monitoring improvement she coached and mentored Governors and Head Teachers, providing appropriate challenge and support that has had a strong impact on the effectiveness of their schools. One Head Teacher described her as "Lovely but rigorous - leaves no stone unturned."                                       (Robin Hazelgrove - Chad Vale Primary) For the past three years Diane has been an independent consultant working on a range of projects including Foundation Stage Moderation, GTP Tutoring, SIP programme and school inspections. She is a Chair for NPQH Graduation and is involved at the National College to moderate aspects of work there. During her career she has worked extensively in other countries including the Middle East where she was involved in numerous school evaluation projects. During a brief spell in the education business HTI, Diane managed a project for the inclusion of high school children with disabilities. Her resolve to remove barriers to learning, in its broadest sense, is at the heart of all she does. Diane keeps her focus strongly on outcomes for children with the involvement of schools and parents working in partnership. It is her fundamental resolve that all her work should have evident impact and considers herself a life-long learner and therefore good role model for others.